We Give You History.

Where do I come from? Who were my ancestors? How and where did they live? What kind of jobs and names did my family have? Were any of my forebears well-known people? Are there unsolved family secrets? What happened during the war? Who was that unknown father listed in official records whose name went with him to the grave? Are there still-living relatives of whom we are unaware?

Whatever questions you have, whatever it takes to satisfy your curiosity, Austro-Hungarian Familiy Research (“ancestral treasures”) will track down the answers. We are experts on ancestors who lived in the former Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy that ruled parts of Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Whether you want us to research your entire family history or simply to elucidate certain aspects of it, we are ready and willing.

We deliver our research in a hardcover-book full of your family's history.
What an amazing present!

What we can do for you:

  • research the origins and roots of your family

  • construct a family tree and a numbered pedigree table

  • discover your ancestors' occupations and life circumstances

  • find out what towns they lived in, their addresses and what property they owned

  • clarify and interpret hard-to-read documents and civil registry entries
  • document your family history

  • secure ancient documents and images for posterity

  • search for disappeared relatives or family branches

  • fill in biographical blank spots

  • bring to light untold aspects of the war and Nazi era

  • track down information about unknown fathers

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We offer experience

Austro-Hungarian Familiy Research is a small team of experts from various fields of family research and genealogy specializing in the formerly German-speaking states of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy with access to all relevant, often not-yet-digitalized sources so costly for private individuals and which require on-the-ground visits to actual archives throughout Central Europe.

Whatever questions you have, whatever it takes to satisfy your curiosity, Austro-Hungarian Familiy Research will track down the answers, whether to provide your entire family history or simply to clarify certain aspects of it.

Give Yourself the Gift of History

Occasions that might lead you to seek our help learning about your family's history might be an anniversary, childbirth, reunion with distant relatives, or search for an emigrated family branch. Perhaps you'd like to give your family and their children the lasting gift of their family history or coat of arms?

  • „Thanks to Ahnenschatz, I learned of an entire family branch that was delighted to get to know our family! Today I have two more cousins and recently we were invited to a wedding. I`d have never thought such a thing was even possible.“

    Dieter B., Austria

  • „I sought Ahnenschatz`s help to find out if my grandfather was actually in the SS as I`d always been told. Their research revealed that towards the end of World War II, he was indeed conscripted into the SS as a translator. It was a load off my shoulders to find no evidence of his having committed war crimes.“

    Dr. Brigitte H., Vienna

  • „Thanks to Ahnenschatz I was able to visit the very farm that my ancestors purchased in 1736. It meant so much to me to actually set foot in the house that belonged to my forebears“

    Bernhard A., Vienna

  • „I`d always been told that my great-grandfather gambled away his farm. Thanks to Ahnenschatz`s research, I learned that during a period of intense economic difficulty a neighbor drove him to ruin, which put everything in an entirely different light. Thank you!“

    Mag. Gernot B., Austria

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