The Path to your History

Step 1: Gathering Documents

Almost every family has documents, certificates and even photographs.

If not in your possession they might be at your parents' or siblings', perhaps in folders with contracts, birth/death/marriage certificates, letters and military discharges, or in old boxes up in the attic, where you might find proof of Aryan race from Nazi times, the so-called "Ahnenpass." Such documents provide good starting points for our research.

Should such documents be unavailable, we can still do our work but be sure to sketch out for us what you know about family relationships as far back as you can. In a quiet hour, consider what special or key questions you might have for us.

Moreover: We are aware that in many families trust has often frayed, so if you wish, we will digitalize any sources relatives have.

Step 2: Your Initial Conversation with Austro-Hungarian Familiy Research

We discuss these documents and your family tree sketch so as to customize our work for you. Together we determine your priorities and what is doable. You receive a bill at this point for the first half of our work.

Please Note: You need not turn over any original documents or photos, which can be scanned and digitalized for security's sake.

Depending on the nature and scope of your request, we may require a limited Power of Attorney allowing us to request documents for you from registry offices and archives.

Step 3: Austro-Hungarian Familiy Research researches

Our experienced Genealogists know what we can unearth, read and interpret for you.

To Your Advantage: To get the most out of archival material, we routinely bring in specialized experts in handwriting, military history or the Nazi era.

We often carry out simultaneous research in distant archives for several clients. Otherwise we could never offer such reasonable package rates. Thus, we ask that you allow us several weeks to complete our searches.

Step 4: Evaluating and Conserving the Results

Once we finish, you receive from us a hardbound comprehensive report with digitalized copies of our sources on a CD. We also preserve an analog copy in our own archive.

  • „I sought Ahnenschatz`s help to find out if my grandfather was actually in the SS as I`d always been told. Their research revealed that towards the end of World War II, he was indeed conscripted into the SS as a translator. It was a load off my shoulders to find no evidence of his having committed war crimes.“

    Dr. Brigitte H., Vienna

  • „Thanks to Ahnenschatz, I learned of an entire family branch that was delighted to get to know our family! Today I have two more cousins and recently we were invited to a wedding. I`d have never thought such a thing was even possible.“

    Dieter B., Austria

  • „Thanks to Ahnenschatz I was able to visit the very farm that my ancestors purchased in 1736. It meant so much to me to actually set foot in the house that belonged to my forebears“

    Bernhard A., Vienna

  • „I`d always been told that my great-grandfather gambled away his farm. Thanks to Ahnenschatz`s research, I learned that during a period of intense economic difficulty a neighbor drove him to ruin, which put everything in an entirely different light. Thank you!“

    Mag. Gernot B., Austria

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