Where do I come from?

Genealogy answers the most existential questions about our origins, about the people who came before us and the circumstances of their lives.

For it was their choices that led to our being who we are today. Looking backwards may not reveal our future, but it surely reveals the moments in which our own history was forged. Reading of a forebear's dramatic emergency baptism two centuries ago in an old baptismal register forces us to acknowledge the tenuous thread upon which our entire existence hangs.

Ancestral research sharpens our perception, widens our horizons and deepens our understanding of ourselves. We gladly accompany our clients on their voyages of family history discovery. It's also fine for us if at first clients simply wish to sniff around a bit; genealogy can be a wonderful hobby. But it also demands extensive background knowledge that cannot be acquired overnight. Reading and interpreting the old-fashioned German script can be daunting and even present an overwhelming hurdle. We gladly assist you when you get stuck or want to be make sure you didn't miss anything significant. And we are happy to assist you if all you need is that your family history be professionally drawn up.

Our researchers are fully at home with documents written in Kurrent script in Latin, Hungarian, Czech, Italian or Ukrainian, or for that matter any other language in use in the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. We also have access to all essential international archives, which theoretically are available for anybody but which might be prohibitively expensive for an individual amateur.

Let us thus set off together on the path into your history.

What we can do for you:

  • research the origins and roots of your family

  • construct a family tree and a numbered pedigree table

  • discover your ancestors' occupations and life circumstances

  • find out what towns they lived in, their addresses and what property they owned

  • clarify and interpret hard-to-read documents and civil registry entries
  • document your family history

  • secure ancient documents and images for posterity

  • search for disappeared relatives or family branches

  • fill in biographical blank spots

  • bring to light untold aspects of the war and Nazi era

  • track down information about unknown fathers

Family History is a Matter of Faith.

Embarking on uncovering our family history is time travel. We may be pleased to learn about those who came before us, whose actions led to us being who we are. But we don't always get the answers we'd hoped for, making it crucial that we fully trust the experts helping us.

B. D. Baumgartner, MA
Genealogist at Austro-Hungarian Familiy Research

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  • „I`d always been told that my great-grandfather gambled away his farm. Thanks to Ahnenschatz`s research, I learned that during a period of intense economic difficulty a neighbor drove him to ruin, which put everything in an entirely different light. Thank you!“

    Mag. Gernot B., Austria

  • „Thanks to Ahnenschatz, I learned of an entire family branch that was delighted to get to know our family! Today I have two more cousins and recently we were invited to a wedding. I`d have never thought such a thing was even possible.“

    Dieter B., Austria

  • „Thanks to Ahnenschatz I was able to visit the very farm that my ancestors purchased in 1736. It meant so much to me to actually set foot in the house that belonged to my forebears“

    Bernhard A., Vienna

  • „I sought Ahnenschatz`s help to find out if my grandfather was actually in the SS as I`d always been told. Their research revealed that towards the end of World War II, he was indeed conscripted into the SS as a translator. It was a load off my shoulders to find no evidence of his having committed war crimes.“

    Dr. Brigitte H., Vienna

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